Have you heard of Dalle-e? You need to! You must do! Because it is next-level drawing AI. It is an artist on-demand, just type what comes to your mind and watch the result of 10 different pictures of what you asked for, you can write a complex description and the AI will handle it.

drawing ai
An astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style (Openai)

Dall-e, a Drawing AI

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. It is not open to the public now, and you might ask what the applications of such a tool are, let’s answer these questions.

drawing ai
A bowl of soup that is a portal to another dimension as digital art (Openai)

How does a drawing AI create pictures?

If we humanize AI, the answer will be much more straightforward, in a few words, you teach it how to draw, you show it examples of photos, and drawings, you explain to it the concept of diffusion of multiple elements, and now it is ready to amaze the world. This method is called training an AI, it uses an Algorithm to feed it all the data it will need to accomplish specific tasks, this information will act as an experience stored in the machine to draw and transform words into pictures after analyzing it.

Can Dall-e draw anything?

In theory, YES. However, there are some limitations to what the AI can do, from one side you cannot use the AI to generate adult content or photos of specific identities of people. No violence is allowed too, so you cannot generate pictures of weapons, you can see that in an experiment where the AI was asked to generate a photo of a dog doing a surgery, all the photos excluded the use of surgery sharp tools, and used only a scisor to replace them.

What are the applications of this AI?

Have you ever had an idea and you want to visualise it to had a better idea or show it to someone? You wanted to take time to sketch it or outsource it to a graphic designer to do the job. With this AI, you will have a visual brainstorming tool, with accurate delivery in short time.

Dall-e can also be used to create different variation of the same photos as seen below:

drawing ai

What is the future of Dall-e 2?

Seeing the difference between the first and the second generation, you can see how fast this technology will develop to deliver sharp and more realistic pictures. The AI will be able to handle more complex concepts and deliver accurate results.  But the big question is: will it replace humans? Unfortunately YES. If I have a blog or  a Youtube channel, and I need a thumbnail, I can use it instead of  hiring a designer.

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