I know that building a business is a hustle, too many requirements, and tasks to do to make it successful, and the real sign of success is to have a large audience or customers whom you rely on. With a Referral Program like ReferralCandy, you can hand a part of the marketing process to people who will do advertise your service in exchange of a reward. 

What is a Referral Program?

Referral Program

A referral program is a marketing strategy where businesses reward their customers for referring new customers to their business. Referred customers are typically given a discount, bonus, or other incentive for bringing in a new customer.

How it Work?

Give your customers a unique referral link – by email, social, or website widgets.
Encourage your customers to share their referral link with rewards and custom gifts.
Watch your revenue grow as your customers refer their friends.

What is ReferralCandy Referral Program?

Referral Program

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing company that helps businesses increase their referral traffic by rewarding users for sharing their friends’ referral links. The company offers a variety of referral programs, including a free trial program, a paid program, and a program that rewards users with gift cards. ReferralCandy also offers a Referral Management tool, which helps businesses track and manage their referral traffic.

  1. You don’t need a developer to set up ReferralCandy.
  2. Deliver a seamless, branded customer experience you control.
  3. Choose from cash rewards, store discounts or custom gifts.
  4. Connects easily to eCommerce and marketing platforms.
  5. Automated fraud prevention, simple tools to handle fraudsters.
  6. Customer success team is ready to get you set up and growing.
  7. They use the best practices that are proven to boost referral revenue for our templates
  8. They put Mobile Experience First.
  9. Total control over your templates via HTML & CSS editing,

More Techniques to expand your profits?

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