The world is going online with all its aspects, and along this process, there are more ways to make money online without having money or having experience in any subject. One way is to make money taking surveys, just answer a few questions on your phone and get rewarded with points that you can exchange for a voucher or cash.

Make money taking surveys

How to Make Money Taking Surveys?

When a business wants to drop a new product, they need to gather customers’ opinions to include the results in their planning for their next project. And to reach them, they used to make focus groups and gather the information manually, however, now they have a huge audience ready to answer through their phone, so once you answer their survey you will be rewarded for your contribution.

My go to app is Toluna Influencers, It is easy to use, has a variety of rewards, and offer a nice user experience, and won’t bore you answering questions.

Make money taking surveys

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