Start making money online

How to start making money online?” Maybe this is the most asked question during the last two years. The idea of making a living online from the comfort of my couch is very interesting and became more and more appliable during the lockdown. And where is this magical land where these dreams come to life? Yes, it is the INTERNET.

The internet is a huge source of information. We all seek knowledge and solutions from the incredible flow of data delivered to our laptops and phones to improve our work. One of our main targets on the web is to start making money online, so we increase our chances and as we open browser tabs more and more, the bigger the mess is, and the ideas are lost, so we need to gather info from different sources to get a solution, so I decided to create this blog to share articles and tutorials on the subject I work with or find them interesting.


What will I cover?

My work focus on developing services, monetizing them, and pushing them into the market for users. So during my quest to conquer any issue, I use my knowledge, search for answers, use online tools, and ask experts too. All my efforts combined led me to get to my goal, so I will build a complete walk-through to get to the intended result from A to Z.

We are all familiar with Stackoverflow as the main reference for programmers to get answers, however, from my experience, I found solutions to questions I had in social media comment sections, in tweets, in videos too. Maybe googling is my favorite thing to do now, I seriously think that googling should be listed as a major skill in any CV, defining a problem is an important step, however, understanding it well enough to find the exact solution for it, or even reshape an existing solution for something else to work on a specific issue is even more important.

My articles will focus also on free tools since the majority of self-employed programmers can’t afford to pay here and there to test tools or even get something they need only once, and there are a lot of fantastic websites to help starters in their journey to build services and have their own passive income source like which is one of my favorites, Mylead my best affiliate program and a lot more I will write about them in details in future posts. 


What can I offer too?
Do you need advice, a recommendation, a problem you cannot find an answer for? Hit me up and I will work with you to solve the problem, and I will share everything I know in that field with you.
I am really looking forward to where will this blog take me, I am excited to learn new stuff so I can share them here, discover new solutions I can get to the people looking for too. 


Thank you for reading; Good luck with what you are working on; Back to work now.