So you built your first mobile or web application and you want to monetize it and start making a profit. First Congratulations, getting this far is impressive and shows that you are committed to creating a source for a passive. There are a number of ways to monetize your application, you need to choose the one that most suits your application type.

monetize your application

In-app purchases:

This is a popular way to make money from applications. You can charge users for additional features, more storage space, or faster loading times. For example, if you have a game, users can have the option to get more points, skins for their characters, or unlock new levels by purchasing them from your in-app store.

In-app Ads:

Ads can be placed in the application or on the web page. They can be targeted to specific users or locations. The most popular platform for ads is AdSense for websites and Admob for mobile applications. Integrating them into your application is easy and straightforward. However, nowadays there are some alternatives to Google Ads where these new companies target more specific users and get you a higher CPM to increase your profit. Companies like Appodeal which I use personally for my Applications or UnityAds for Mobile Games monetization.

monetize your application


Some users may be willing to donate money to your application to support it. This could be in the form of a one-time donation, a subscription, or a donation system that allows users. If you want to target this type of payment, you want to focus on your social media presence and advertise the service on all platforms to attract the attention of interested customers. Or you need to create a service that serves a humane occasion like an app to ask for blood donation.

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VAS Subscription:

Sometimes, you don’t want to offer a free service in the first place, here you can add a payment method for the user to subscribe to the service, however, users don’t prefer to use their credit card for it, in this case, Direct Carrier Billing is the way to go. In a few steps, you can integrate your app with a DCB provider and let users pay you using their Carrier Balance on their phone, the easy and straightforward subscription process makes it a more desirable method for users to pay with. And it will offer you a passive income in the future unless the user unsubscribes. Check here to see the easiest methods to advertise an application.

Affiliate Programs:

A powerful technique to make a profit from your app is to sign-up for affiliate or referral programs. So the ads you include in your app will be affiliate links so anytime a user clicks on one and completes signup, purchase, or subscription, you will get a commission. The key is to list offers from your niche or one related to yours, so the users of your app are interested in those offers. I recommend using CPAlead,, and Clickbank, these are the best programs out there for beginners and advanced users too.

monetize your application


You don’t have to start monetizing your app using all these methods, start with the one you feel it suits your app the best and expand later. make sure to document everything, and learn from your mistake. If you are low on budget, choose free tools for marketing like, you can check a review on this amazing marketing tool. the next step is to market your app, check my guide on how to here.