In a world of digital services and online communication, building an online service is essential to reach a huge number of potential customers. However, completing the development process only isn’t enough to make a profitable business, you should learn how to market an app successfully.

market an app successfully

Steps to market an app successfully

Lucky for you, there are multiple techniques to market an app successfully, and they can all be done using a laptop, and dedicating time and you will see the result you desire.

Ads in app stores

App ads are the most common way to advertise mobile apps. You can place ads in the app stores where your app is sold. You can also create ads that are specific to a region or demographic. Follow this guide to create your first campaign, once you’re done, whenever a user searches with a keyword related to your niche, they will see your app at the top of the list. Check these tutorials for Android and IOS.

Build a Landing Page

You can also create a landing page to promote your app. This page will have information about your app, as well as ways to download and purchase it. Here you can benefit from SEO, so when you optimize the page to get free organic traffic through a web search and get more installs. Check my review on, one of the best platforms to build a landing page for free.

market an app successfully

Social Media

You can build an audience on social media, and get them to spread the word on your app, here you need to focus on the quality you are offering since you will be judged and exposed on social media if you fail to deliver the promised user experience. However, if the user was satisfied when using the app, they will advertise the app to you.

Search Engine Advertising

You can use search engine advertising to reach potential customers who are looking for your mobile app. You can place ads on search engines like Google and Yahoo! and target your ads to specific regions or demographics.

Advertising Agencies

This is the easiest strategy but it costs the most. It is simple, choose an advertising agency, give them the link to your application, choose the metric that suits you the best and let them do the advertising for you. You can get hundreds and even thousands of installs. If your app has a paid subscription, you can advertise using the CPA model (Cost per Action), so you will only pay the advertisers once the user subscribes to your service and pays you the required amount. So let’s say you have a subscription of 2.99 per month, and let’s say you are advertising in Egypt where the advertising cost per user is 1.5$. In this case, you will pay the advertisers from the app revenue. You will pay the agency only once and you will get a monthly payment from your subscribers.

You can handle the advertising details by customizing all the aspects of the marketing campaigns by launching a campaign on Adcash to receive thousands of clicks and installs. It takes a few clicks to launch a campaign. I personally use it in all my campaigns.

market an app successfully

My recommendation

Use a combination of all these methods to achieve the best results. So establish a presence on Social Media and build a supportive audience; Build a landing page and let people reach you on the web too; advertise on the search engine and when you get great results for the money, the store will enhance your store ranking; Consult an advertising Agency who can strongly help you get more sales and they are a great choice if you work in a CPA model.