In this blog post you will learn how to create free QR menu in minutes, you will be able to share your new digital menu and print it in style.

create free qr menu

What is a QR Menu?

A QR Menu is a new service to digitize the old fashion menu and make it more interactive with customers, allowing them to not only view the menu but to order and customize their food in the restaurant and for delivery too.

Why should you create a QR Menu?

create free qr menu

Saving trees is the main reason, so cutting the use of paper and moving to a digital world can save more trees than anyone can imagine, making our planet greener and healthier.

In addition, in these times, the world is facing a pandemic, so people are trying to avoid touching any surface that is used by other people, and the menu is an essential item in a restaurant that is passed by few customers to place the orders, so our digital menu is making the order process a safer technique.

Steps to create Free QR Menu

  1. Visit this website ScanandOrder.
  2. Choose the plan you want, you can choose a free account or a trial one and upgrade later.
  3. Create your account.
  4. You are now on your dashboard, you can upgrade through the membership page.
  5. Go to Account Setting and fill up your information, the menu language (you can choose multiple languages), pick the currency and save the changes.
  6. Go to restaurant and fill up your restaurant information, choose the menu theme and save the changes. Be aware that changing the theme requires you to recreate a new menu that suits the selected theme, but don’t worry your data won’t be lost.
  7. Go to Menu, Create the main categories (Juices, Main Platters, Seafood,..), subcategories, and start adding items.
  8. You can add extras to an items, like add toppings to a pizza, which make the order customizable
  9. Descriptions are optional.
  10. For the Flipbook and Classic themes, images are optional, but required for the modern one.
  11. Go to QR Builder, and design your own QR Code.
  12. Print it and place it on the tables and wait for your orders.
    “There is a sound alert once you get an order.”
  13. On the Orders page, you can see the pending orders, delete them or set them complete.
create free qr menu

One more Tip

That’s it, you now have a new digital Menu, use the templates you downloaded, print them, and place them around the restaurant. You can access the menu using a link too in this format:{restaurant slug}, so it is easier to share it on social media and in messaging apps.

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