So you decided to create an online business to start making money, did you find a suitable name? A catchy logo? An attractive social media pack? Since the work you choose requires you to be present online, you will always be creating Social Media Posts, Reels, and Videos to sell a service or a product or to market your affiliate links. And I will show you how to create a brand designs online for free.

Create your brands designs online for free
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The Importance of Online Presence

It is extremely important to create these materials, because you will be presenting your brand in front of an audience who spend a lot of time on social media, and you need to pop up above them. And I am telling you it is a simple task but needs a lot of attention because once you establish a powerful online presence, you will be giving your business a proper boost. It is all in the Marketing.

Best Platforms to Create Your Brand Designs for FREE

Create your brands designs online for free

Start with choosing the right platform to work on, I won’t go into deciding on what you need, and compare pros and cons, check the pricing criteria. No, you have Canva and you have VistaCreate. I’ve been working in Marketing for 6 years now as an employee and creating my own business, and these 2 services never let me down. Two powerful platforms to make all the designs, logos, thumbnails, and more for Free.

Both Platforms have a great to start creating your new brand, here is what you will need:

  1. Templates to choose from
  2. Storage and File Management
  3. Clear user interface
  4. Photo Library
Create your brands designs online for free
VistaCreate Pricing


Canva and VistaCreate have all these and more, and it is all for free, and if you decided to upgrade to a paid plan, you will get a lot more features for the same price, 13$ a month or 120$ a year.

Create your brands designs online for free
Canva Pricing

What is the platform I choose? VistaCreate. Let me Explain why. From my experience, I found that when working for a company with many projects and collaborations, Canva was amazing and I had no complaints using it. However, while working on my personal brand, and creating assets for my social media, blogs, and marketing campaign, I chose VistaCreate

I love this Platform, it is fantastic and I can’t stop recommending it to people, all the designs you see on this blog are made on Vistacreate. Even when I don’t have my Laptop or iPad around, I don’t hesitate to take out my phone and start creating new designs on their mobile app easily. I am praising VistaCreate while I only have an affiliate link for Canva, but I won’t lie to you, I am sharing my experience honestly.

More Tips for Your Online Business

  1. If you need a ready picture to go along a blog post or to post it online, make sure the picture is loyalty free, and the Best place to get these pictures is Unsplash.
  2. To market your service properly, you need to know some marketing terms, you can read the essentials here.
  3. If your next project is a mobile app, read How to Market an App Successfully.
  4. Get more customers by integrating a referral program into your business with ReferralCandy.

So this is was How to create your brand designs Online for free, but what if you don’t want to handle this mission by yourself, and you need professional designers to do the job? The answer is 99designs by Vista. I wish you the best of luck. If you have any platform to review, or any question, comment down below.