As an owner of an online business, I am always working and discovering new methods to make it a smart online business. I spend most of my time on my laptop. It is the most essential part of my work, and I depend on it to accomplish all my tasks effectively. However, losing my Laptop in any way actually doesn’t matter and won’t affect my work by any means. Why? It is because of the way I use my laptop and interact with my content, and the methods I follow to manage my projects and storage.

Smart Online Business

My Technique for a Smart Online Business

From the moment I purchased my Laptop to start my own business after being an employee for 4 years, I wanted an Ultrabook to be able to work from anywhere and I didn’t pick something pricy to leave my expenses low since I am risking creating my own path.

I thought a lot about managing my files and projects since I didn’t want to lose anything, this is why I decided to not store anything on my Laptop and use the internet as my main hard drive. So far, it is working for me tremendously well, so now if my laptop was stolen, broken, damaged, or in any situation where I won’t be able to use it, I can switch to my phone, or any available pc or laptop to continue my work before buying a new one and continue my work without any data loss.

This is manageable because I picked these apps and platforms as the main companions in my everyday life.

Best Tools for a Smart Online Business:

Google Drive:

Smart Online Business

I use google drive as my main cloud storage to keep all my files, documents, backups, and assets for my projects, it is extremely friendly, it makes sharing files seamlessly.

I organize my work in folders, give access to my team, and I’ll be set. And since it has mobile apps for all platforms, I can easily reach any document with a few taps without any limitations.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep:

Smart Online Business

The fact that I am currently writing this blog post on google docs, not Microsoft word or any other software shows how well this technique is working for me, the app is instantaneously saving my work word by word with the option to work offline, and this applies on all the other apps including Google Keep which is my main taking fast notes on mobile.

Smart Online Business

Maybe my best application ever. It is my second brain as Ali Abdaal describes it in his videos, where I saw the app for the first time. Later, it became my favorite app that I recommend to anybody, It is really great. On one hand, I manage all my projects, plans, and investments, and on the other hand, I keep records of my finances, notes, future plans, and a lot more. It has a vast list of templates to organize any document, with the ability to custom-design your own templates. Notion makes working a pleasure, and I enjoy every second I spend on this app.


Smart Online Business

Owning an online business, with multiple social media accounts and blogs requires a lot of designs for post images, stories, announcements, and more. I found this online tool and it was a treat. My designer and I use Vista to create all the media we want for photos and videos for all my social accounts and the cherry on top is that this service is totally FREE.

Smart Online Business

As a web developer, with my partner, a mobile application developer, we use Github repositories to save all our work. By the end of the day, we push our work to Github to keep a log of all the changes we made with a reachable archive of all our projects.

Smart Online Business

As I mentioned before I manage multiple social media pages, and since it matters to know the source of every download or subscription, I can’t use the same link across all platforms. So I use to shorten all the links, making them reachable anytime with their statistics.


Working with these tools made managing my business a lot smoother and more efficient. I will continue checking online platforms and tools to develop a better working environment that doesn’t have limitations in terms of hardware or software. Please comment below and share your strategies or the tools you use to work smarter.

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