My journey started when I decided to learn Affiliate Marketing, so like most people, YouTube became my new default browser for searching for anything. It is the new school for learning new skills in any field you can think of. It is a platform where you can learn about Quantum Computers, Submarines Manufacturing, or how to fry an egg while sitting on your bathroom stool or while eating a snack  (hopefully you are not doing both at the same time).

Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing?

When I decided to start my own business, I was a programmer and I wanted to expand my knowledge of online businesses in order to expand my options when it comes to making money online. Obviously, and after a quick search, I was introduced to the world of affiliate marketing. It was a simple idea, you don’t need to own the product to make a profit selling it, you can do it and get a share on every sale. I loved the idea, it seems to be easy and I thought I found my cash cow, at least this is what every thumbnail of all related videos told me, however, once you start watching you will be lost. You will hear a lot of success stories but no real guidelines on how to start. I wasted a lot of time on these videos. And sometimes I lost money experimenting thinking I’m ready after watching a couple of videos.

Then I decided to stop, and I started looking for a legit channel to learn from, and here is what I was looking for:

  • Step by Step tutorial: As a beginner, I need the instructor to guide me on how to start with visuals and detailed steps, from one side, this will show how sure the YouTuber has confidence in his techniques, and on the other side, I won’t be risking anything while I am learning.
  • Realistic goals: Setting the bar high when learning a new skill will push you to work fast, and you will miss important information. Let the goal be to master affiliate marketing techniques and money will come eventually.
  • Case Studies: Going into this field of work might need me to invest my money, I am not saying that you should not take risks in your life, of course, you should, but only when it is not possible to reach the tranquility you want. In addition, a legit YouTuber who really wants to share his knowledge with people and help them to make money should present evidence to assure the effectiveness of the used techniques.
  • Transparency: I know I won’t be making thousands of dollars immediately, so when a YouTuber shows how much effort, money, and time a campaign needs to achieve its successful result, I will not be disappointed because I have all the information I need before starting.

You are reading this post to learn about useful channels, and I am here talking about my experience you might not want to know about it, but I lost a lot of time and money, and I don’t want that to happen to you. So here are my favorite channels:

Hassan will teach you Affiliate marketing, and SEO, in DETAILS!! He is a wonderful teacher offering his viewer a lot of free tools to help them in their work like Hsupertools, a fantastic website with SEO tools, YouTube tools, AI content writer, and more. He truly wants you to learn and he shows in details all his methods, earning, and the tools he use to make it work. Hassan reach out in his videos to the viewers who are willing to pay to make money, and to people with no money at all to start making profit online.

Additional to Affiliate Marketing, you will learn here about tools and skills you need to master the main goal, even a step by step video on how to create a website. The channel covers a wider scope of businesses to make money, like how Lawn Care or Print On Demand, for me , the channel is helping me to develop a mentality of a successful business owner with new strategies, and tested method to succeed in your business.

I like this guy, he feels like one of us who succeeded and started making video to teach others how to do it. Quick videos with straightforward methods and new ideas, simple and effective. No fancy tools, No required knowledge in any field, just follow his lead.

This guy tried everything, and will show you how and why you should try his methods, he boosts your confidence and will share with his viewers Great, Good, and Bad experiences. 

I know this is a short list, but this is the idea, It is not good to follow multiple channels and experiment with multiple techniques at once, make a list, start trying and expand with what is working and discard failed ones. This list is the result of my experience, so you might have more channels that I don’t know about, so leave a comment with the name of the channel.

Check out my post on How to Create a Smart Online Business, I applied that method, and it is working smoothly with me. I hope you will start making money soon, keep trying, there are a lot of Paths to succeed and you will find your own.