A decentralized world of cryptocurrency is a dream come true, but having your assets vulnerable online make it obvious to own a physical crypto wallet to protect them offline.

What is a Physical Crypto Wallet?

Hardware wallets are a form of digital security that allow users to store their cryptocurrencies offline. Hardware wallets are usually physical devices, such as a USB stick or a piece of hardware, that stores private keys and allows users to transact cryptocurrencies without having to trust third-party services. Hardware wallets are a popular choice for individuals who want to store their cryptocurrencies offline, as they are immune to many forms of cyberattacks.

5 Reasons to Own a Physical Crypto Wallet:

Physical Crypto Wallet
  1. If you do not control your own private keys you do not own your Bitcoin.
  2. Exchanges have an exhaustive history of being hacked, hardware wallets protect against losing your funds.
  3. The modern financial system is based on trust, crypto and especially hardware wallets put you in control.
  4. A hardware wallet is typically a USB drive device that stores a user’s private keys securely.
  5.  Since private keys never leave the physical hardware wallet device, it doesn’t really matter which device you hook it up to, your assets are always protected.
Ledger Physical Crypto Wallet
  • Ledger devices offer the most hardware wallet functionality on the market today
  •  Our users are able to Swap, Lend, Buy and Stake their crypto all from their hardware wallet
  • With the most devices sold, Ledger is the most battle tested hardware wallet by the market and our in-house security team the Ledger DonJon

My recommendation for new users is the Nano X, it has a small size of just 7 cm, is lightweight (34g), and connects through USB-C with long battery life with all the features of the Ledger Wallets.

Don’t hesitate and protect your Crypto Assets now, and if you need more information on how to earn with Crypto in 2022, check my blog post to help you with a full case study.